blog-never-trumpThere are plenty of very obvious reasons not to vote for Donald Trump. In fact, they are so obvious, I won’t go into them here.

But one reason that may  not be so obvious is Trump’s promise to take a sledgehammer to Washington. Washington is broken, he says, and the only way to fix it is to blow it up and start over. Many, if not most, of his supporters agree with him.

I won’t attempt to articulate why Trump supporters are so eager for this massive change, because frankly, I don’t really understand it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I certainly recognize we have problems in this country. Again, I don’t feel it necessary to enumerate them here. But as I wrote back in July, sometimes we need a little perspective. We’ve always had problems in this country, and to buy into Trump’s rhetoric of “things are the worst they’ve ever been” ignores reality and borders on hysterical.

orh3r20xhzHere’s why I won’t vote for Trump. I really like my life. I’m happy. I feel hopeful, and I’m looking forward to the future. It’s not because of anything the President has done or Congress has done or the Supreme Court has done or not done. It’s because of a long history of this country trending in the right direction and a lifetime of hard work by me and my family.

We are far from wealthy. Our home is modest. But it’s a nice home and it’s our home. I drive a 15-year-old car. It still gets me where I need to go and gets me back  home again. We don’t do much shopping. Beyond groceries and pet supplies, it’s the rare “extra” that goes on our shopping list. My husband and I are working hard to get our debts paid off and prepare for retirement.

Frankly, I don’t want Trump or anyone else to blow things up. I highly doubt it’s really going to change much for those who believe it is the job of Washington to fix their lives for them. And I believe the unintended consequences could be catastrophic.

Among other things, the animus he has created between himself and his own party is of a magnitude that almost guarantees that the gridlock in Washington would only get worse under a President Trump.

I think the bottom line is we should be careful when we speak of bulldozing things and starting over. Sometimes the things that get destroyed in that process are things that aren’t broken, that maybe aren’t perfect but are serving us fairly well. I don’t think rounding up undocumented immigrants and building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is going to help me grow my business and provide me an income in retirement. I don’t think requiring Muslims to register themselves is going to provide me with a new car. And I certainly don’t think that giving yet another round of massive tax cuts to those who already have more money than they can spend is going to enable me to make the rounds at the mall every weekend.

lqu7n2kmebI am a firm believer that we must take responsibility for ourselves. No one is going to knock on the door and hand us anything. And for those of us who have done that regardless of whether we had a Republican president or a Democratic president, we’re not really interested in Trump’s wrecking ball approach just because certain people in this country believe they have lost their standing and it’s all the fault of people who don’t look like them.

When all the Mexicans are gone and all the Muslims are gone and we have a big shiny wall separating  us from our neighbors, who will we blame for our problems then?