For most women, wearing size 6 or smaller does not come naturally. Sure, there are some whose metabolism and genetics mean weight gain is not a big problem. But not for most.

For most women, to be very thin — perhaps the 117 pounds former Miss Universe Alicia Machado weighed at the time she won the pageant — you can’t eat much.

jzxwl08lEnjoy a Big Mac and large fries? That’s 1,000 calories. Don’t plan to eat anything else that day.





cinnamon-hitler-0-600Like your KFC? Eat two extra crispy chicken breasts and you’ve just consumed about 800 calories. Again, hope you don’t want another meal that day.




cht5o2muoaarkkeWhat about a nice healthy taco bowl? That’s about 1,000 calories. Load up on the water with lemon for the rest of the day.




So, what Donald Trump wants us to teach our daughters is that their only value is in how they look. And they must look thin. They will need to do whatever it takes to be thin. Why? Because they’re women and that’s what’s required.

Mr. Trump gleefully invited a camera crew into the gym to film Alicia Machado work out. Funny, I don’t recall ever seeing videos of Mr. Trump working out.

And what else is he teaching our daughters? That if they are not thin, it’s okay for people to call them names. Like Miss Piggy.

In addition, he wants us to teach our daughters that being thin is more important than being healthy. Alicia Machado is 5’7″. According to Rush University Medical Center, a healthy weight for a woman who is 5’7″ is 121 to 158 pounds. So, at 117 pounds, the weight Donald Trump says Ms. Machado was at when she won the Miss Universe pageant, she was considered underweight. That is the ideal to which he thinks our daughters should aspire.

Mr. Trump believes we should teach our daughters that they are defined by their bodies. And even if they are thin, like Carly Fiorina, they are still deserving of ridicule if they have a face that is not conventionally beautiful. So, in addition to starving themselves, they may need plastic surgery, and if their bra size is smaller than a C-cup, they will need breast augmentation.

There are many other valuable lessons Mr. Trump wants us to teach our daughters, but I will conclude with one of the most important. Our daughters should understand that they — and they “alone,” as Mr. Trump would put it — are responsible for a man’s behavior. If she marries and her husband cheats on her, she is responsible. She should not “allow” it. And if she does allow it, her husband’s cheating can be used against her — even by a man who himself has cheated on his wife, gotten another woman pregnant while still married, has 5 children by 3 different women, and who has been married 3 times. Yes, that’s fair.

So, teach your children well: Teach your daughters that they must be thin, beautiful, and that they are responsible for the actions of the men in their lives. Teach your sons that they can be anything they want to be. Let’s make America great again!