With apologies for the shameless use of the phrase “total eclipse” in my title — it’s an SEO thing, you know — I once again rise to ask my Trump-supporting friends … WTF?

First of all, sticking with the topic of the day, the man isn’t even bright enough not to look at the sun without the viewing glasses that we all saw he had in his possession. Listen, Don, I’m sure there was an underprivileged kid in D.C. somewhere who would have loved to have those glasses. Melania‘s and Barron’s, too, for that matter, since none of you seemed particularly interested in the celestial event.

But beyond that, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some weird mind meld trick Trump has managed to inflict on the 30 to 40 percent of Americans who still seem to think he’s doing a good job.

I recently ended a business relationship with a woman I have known for about 4 years. She first revealed how enamored she was of Donald Trump in a Facebook thread in which I and some of my friends expressed our feelings about Fox News and those who watch it. It’s not my style to call people names, but some of my friends weren’t shy about doing so. The aforementioned woman took offense, although it didn’t seem to offend her that the man she supported for president uses name calling as part of his stock-in-trade.

This Facebook conversation took place around the time the “pussy grabbing” tape was released, and combined with the numerous other misogynistic incidents we already knew about — none of which he ever denied, by the way — I wondered aloud how any self-respecting woman could still support him. She posted in reply that she flat-out didn’t care, that she believed he would create jobs and that was all she cared about. The only reason I could think of why she cared about job creation is because she’s a real estate agent and I guess she figured more jobs meant more people buying houses. I guess she didn’t account for Trump’s almost immediate move to make it harder for people to buy homes.

But that’s for a different post. And besides, she either doesn’t know that he did that or she again, flat-out doesn’t care, because our most recent Trump disagreement happened in the last week. It’s clear that she still wholeheartedly supports him.

She re-tweeted a couple of Trump’s posts, one of which was about returning to Washington after his vacation and noting how much work there is to be done. I responded. Naturally, the way Twitter works, my reply went to both the original poster (Trump) and the person who re-tweeted it (Trump-supporting real estate agent).

My reply suggested that he follow his own admonition to President Obama wherein he suggested that Obama could get more done if he spent less time playing golf and more time at the White House.

Apparently the substance of my message didn’t bother her. Rather, it was the fact that I addressed Trump as “Don,” since her response included a misspelled hashtag indicating I should have more respect. In another series of tweets, she asked why I had included her in my response — or in my “contempt,” as she put it — apparently ignorant of how Twitter mentions work.

obamacareWe had gone around on the subject of Trump in the time between the original Facebook quarrel and the recent Tweet storm. In one exchange, she sent me an “LOL” in response to my concern that Trump was poised to end Obamacare, leaving millions without health insurance. She told me I just didn’t “get it.” (She was right.)

Following her decision to scold me over my lack of respect (newsflash: I’m a grown woman and Trump-supporting real estate agent is only a couple of years older), I decided to end our relationship.

Lest anyone think I am painting all Trump supporters with the same broad brush I’m painting Trump-supporting real estate agent, allow me to disabuse you of that notion.

Most of them are far worse.