Donald Trump is a bully. We all know that. And we’ve all known people like him. For most of us, it was in elementary school or maybe high school. Most people — not all, to be sure, but most people, as they mature, grow out of the need to push others around just because they seem like an easy mark. They grow out of the idea that tough talk equals strength. The grow out of the notion that if you just include enough superlatives in your statements, you earn credibility.

Of course, Donald Trump never gained that kind of maturity. Somehow, he has made his way in the world by bullying others, attempting to discredit others, calling people names, and referring to anything he does as beautiful, amazing, the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Except we have seen this before. Weakness masquerading as strength is a common theme among bullies. And today we saw a disgusting demonstration of how utterly weak Donald Trump is.

With white supremacists rolling into Charlottesville, Virginia, to preach their hate on the campus of the University of Virginia, waving a flag that was stripped of any authority over 150 years ago, the inevitable clash between the hate mongers and those who staged counter-protests in favor of peace became deadly when someone deliberately drove a car into a crowd.

Trump, at that moment, had the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. He couldn’t do it. Why? Because he is weak and feckless and lacked the strength of character to stand up to those who are responsible for, as I write this, at least one death and many injuries.

Instead, he chose to equivocate, to pretend that those who preach hate and those who call for peace are in equal measures responsible for this disgusting display of mayhem, offering a lukewarm, watered-down condemnation. “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.”

Emphasis on the words “many sides.” So, I guess that group of people marching to promote peace and condemn hate was as responsible for the car that mowed them down as was the driver of the car.

If for one moment anyone believed that Donald Trump was anything other than a bully who will cower in the face of a true challenge, I suggest we have been adequately disabused of that notion. Equivocation does not equal leadership. Failure to stand up and say that wrong is wrong does not equal strength.

Donald Trump is a weak and disgusting fool who is poised to preside over the fall of the United States of America, and anyone, on any side, who fails to condemn him and demand his removal from office will be complicit in this nation’s demise. Indeed, the fall has already begun, and the weakness, “on many sides” is on full display. Sad.