As we near the 15th anniversary of a day none of us who witnessed it will ever forget, I am sad.

I am sad not only in remembering the horror of that day but for the fleeting nature of the solidarity felt by Americans in the immediate aftermath.

I am sad that we have let so many things divide us.

I am sad that we so easily forget that we’re all Americans, we all love this country, and no one has an exclusive right to claim the mantle of patriotism nor to define what it means.

I am sad that we are so quick to demonize other Americans because they don’t look like us or worship like us.

I am sad that we have created a system in which it is not possible for a strong leader to truly bring us together.

usa-1491667_960_720I am sad that we focus more on what divides us than on what unites us.

I am sad that we embrace lies more easily than we accept truth.

I am sad that we seek to build walls instead of bridges.

I am sad that the way we have chosen to honor the thousands of Americans who died on September 11th is by accusing others of not loving this country.

I am sad as I consider the country my grandchildren will grow up in, and that sadness has little to do with the threat of terrorism.