Earlier this week, the Trump White House welcomed Sarah Palin. I’ll reserve comment on her choice of attire for her visit to the Oval Office. Suffice to say she wore something she thought Trump would like.

The White House claims that they were unaware she intended to bring friends with her. Yeah, right. We’re supposed to believe that they’ve blocked the public sidewalk in front of the White House for security reasons, yet they let invited guests waltz in accompanied by anyone they choose?

Anyway, she chose two paragons of virtue to accompany her: Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

Now, I’ll admit I like the music of both. Heck, I’ve even seen Nugent in concert. I didn’t really want to, but he was the opening act for Styx, the band I actually went to see. He and Tommy Shaw were in a band together called Damn Yankees that formed in the late ’80s — I presume that had something to do with why he was touring with Styx. He seemed pretty much incoherent when he took to the microphone to speak between songs, repeatedly stating, “You can’t do this in fucking France!”

Another Republican who likes to “play” soldier

Though Nugent loves to tote around his AR-15, he seems pretty proud of the fact that he didn’t want to carry a weapon in service to his country. He was rejected for the draft because he couldn’t pass a physical, and over the years he’s made up stories about why, claiming he didn’t bathe for a month and showed up wearing clothes covered in urine and feces. Later, he admitted that story was untrue but claimed to have snorted a line of crystal meth before the exam.

Then there’s the fact that Nugent is a sexual predator. If you doubt that, just listen to his song “Jailbait.” and consider that, at age 30, Nugent became legal guardian to a 17-year-old so he could have sex with her. He bragged about having sex with young girls in a VH1 documentary. According to his own wife, Nugent apparently has a long line of children from his various trysts over the years.

None of this was enough to prevent Trump from welcoming Nugent into the Oval Office. One can assume that Trump admired Nugent for his eloquence when he called then-President Obama “a piece of shit” and “a subhuman mongrel.” At an annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, he talked about shooting Harry Reid, said President Obama could “suck on my machine gun,” and in January of 2016, called for both President Obama and Secretary Clinton to be “tried for treason and hung.”

There’s actually plenty more I could cite, but if you need to know more, I would invite you to read this Media Matters article from 2013.

Don’t forget to wash your hands

And so, into one of the most revered rooms in American government this lovely man was invited, the same office from which George W. Bush addressed the nation on the night of September 11, 2001. A smiling Trump even posed for a photo with him.

I wonder why Nugent wasn’t invited to Mar-A-Lago?