download (2)On the ground in Wisconsin, where Bernie seems … exhausted.

Give the Bernie Sanders campaign some credit for learning on the fly. It used to be that they’d open up their events about four hours before they were scheduled to begin and the attendees would sit around until the speechifying portion of the program broke out. On Sunday night, however, the campaign brought an entire medicine show into the Kohl Center on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. There were two rock and roll bands, two actresses, and even the Solidarity Singers, the people who show up at the capitol five days a week to sing. Rosario Dawson and Shailene Woodley helped keep the people in the seats. (Dawson’s silliness about the president aside—I’ve lived through at least two failed presidencies; this ain’t one of them—she has become quite an effective surrogate.) So when Sanders finally took the stage, the 4,400-odd people who showed up for the rally were thoroughly entertained and, therefore, engaged.
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