A while back I wrote a post called Fox News RoundUp, a story about Charles Krauthammer. I had intended Fox News RoundUp to be a regular feature, but “some very fine people” on both sides of the racial divide, as well as Colin Kaepernick and the Dreamers were among the many things that intervened.

Today, bored with Russia, I decided to once again look into what’s on the minds of Fox News viewers today. Allow me to provide you with a sampling:

Hannity Calls for End of Keurig ‘Smashing’: They Were ‘Preyed Upon’ By Left-Wing ‘Media Matters’ (Get one before they’re sold out!)

Three pieces on Ekow N. Yankah’s New York Times op-end, “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?

This headline: “GQ Magazine Names Colin Kaepernick ‘Citizen of the Year’,” complete with Fox & Friends commentary. Followed immediately by this headline: “Bar Boycotts Sunday NFL Games, Raises Money for Veterans Instead,” also accompanied by a Fox & Friends video and flagged with the label “Viral.”

Next we have Ivanka Trump’s expert analysis on how tax reform will grow the economy, as well as benefit her special pets, the middle class; a piece about Roger Goodell’s demand for $50 million a year plus lifetime use of a private jet; and something about a liberal “Scream Helplessly at the Sky” event that’s flagged as “Funny.”

Then there is Laura Ingraham‘s “ripping” of Donny Deutsch for his assertion that the GOP is the “party of physical abusers” — interestingly, an article promoted as part of the “Scream Helplessly” piece is titled “Ann Coulter: Left Has Historically Always Been More Violent Than the Right” — and way down at the bottom, just above the “Load More” button that nobody ever clicks, is a story about Hannity “pressing” Roy Moore on sexual misconduct allegations.

These are the stories that appear on the Fox News Trending page for November 14, 2017, described as “the stories that are driving the conversation today among Fox News fans.”

I might add that the very first story on the page, presumably the one that has the most Fox News fans chattering, involves a middle school quiz that included questions about “mistresses and trophy wives.”

One thing I have to hand to Fox, they are very good at sniffing out stories no one else has heard anything about. The evil “lamestream” media has been completely mum about the middle school quiz and the Scream Helplessly event. I mean, damn, if I’d known about that event, I might have attended!

Meanwhile, the evil “lamestream” media is focusing on Jeff Sessions‘ testimony before Congress, 5 people gunned down in California, and GOP plans to include an Obamacare repeal as part of their tax plan.

Now, to be fair, perhaps Fox News is covering those stories, as well. But apparently they are not the stories “driving the conversation among Fox News fans” today.