So, the president of the Cleveland police union and the head of the EMS union say they won’t participate in the flag ceremony at the Browns’ home opener later this month.

Fox & Friends broadcast a segment on this important breaking news, and even the police union boss said he didn’t know why people were making a big deal out of it when people are still suffering in Houston.

We don’t know either, sir, but I guess when Fox News sees an opportunity to stir up controversy, they can’t resist.

First of all, I’m not sure how “fair and balanced” gets squared up with the Fox & Friends host making it clear where he comes down on this issue. (Watch the video.) One comment by the first responder chiefs evoked an “Amen” from him. Way to stay neutral there, buddy.

The union bosses then went on to say that the NFL should step in and do something about players exercising their First Amendment rights in such an egregious way, pointing out that they put all kinds of restrictions on other things they do. Why, they even tell the players what kind of socks they can wear during a game, exclaimed one of the men.

Now, let me tell you, I have carefully read each and every line of the United States Constitution, and I can’t find a single thing in there that says that a professional athlete’s right to choose his own socks is an inalienable right.

But I did notice a little something about freedom of speech, which is a component of a much bigger issue involving freedom of expression.

Could the NFL do something about these protests? Yes. Should they? Apparently they have decided the answer is no. If these first responders feel so strongly that the NFL is morally corrupt — or whatever — then stop giving them business. Don’t watch. Don’t buy tickets. Don’t patronize their sponsors. No more Bud Light. Better sell that Toyota. Heck, I haven’t bought a Papa John’s pizza since 2012 because of my strong feelings about its owner.

The EMS boss went on to lament that we are all taught from an early age that we stand when the national anthem is played. I guess it’s kind of like we are all taught from an early age that we should share everything, clean up our own messes, and remember to flush.

Apparently he and his union buddies believe that kindergarten lessons should be enforced under threat of dismissal by our employers.

What kind of patriotism is that?