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Month: August 2017

Total eclipse of reason

With apologies for the shameless use of the phrase “total eclipse” in my title — it’s an SEO thing, you know — I once again rise to ask my Trump-supporting friends … WTF? First of all, sticking with the topic of the day, the man isn’t even bright enough not to look at the sun without the viewing glasses that we all saw he had in his possession. Listen, Don, I’m sure there was an underprivileged kid in D.C. somewhere who would have loved to have those glasses. Melania‘s and Barron’s, too, for that matter, since none of you...

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We need to take our country back!

“Take our country back.” It’s a phrase we’ve been hearing since 2008 or so. Just coincidence that it became popular right around the time we elected our first black president, I suppose. It’s still very much in vogue. It was a phrase chanted in Charlottesville earlier this month during the white nationalist rally to preserve a statue of Robert E. Lee. Today I read an article about Corey Stewart, who plans to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine for his Senate seat next year. “I’m in it to take back our country,” he said. It’s a phrase that confuses me. It’s like...

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The president of false equivalencies

When Donald Trump offered his lukewarm condemnation of the violence that took place in Charlottesville earlier this month, he was heavily criticized for blaming both sides — “many sides” — for the hate-filled chants of white nationalist groups that had gathered there, which eventually led to violence and the cold-blooded murder of a young woman. Two days later, he somewhat walked it back, specifically citing the “KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and other hate groups,” though stopping short of mentioning white nationalists by name. One day later, he returned to his original statement — clearly how he really feels —...

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The pathetic weakness of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a bully. We all know that. And we’ve all known people like him. For most of us, it was in elementary school or maybe high school. Most people — not all, to be sure, but most people, as they mature, grow out of the need to push others around just because they seem like an easy mark. They grow out of the idea that tough talk equals strength. The grow out of the notion that if you just include enough superlatives in your statements, you earn credibility. Of course, Donald Trump never gained that kind of...

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