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Month: May 2017

Fox News Roundup: Charles Krauthammer

Yesterday, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer appeared as a guest on Special Report with Bret Baier.¬†Krauthammer criticized President Obama for the¬†“condescending remarks he made at a speech commemorating former President John F. Kennedy.” In fact, the remarks were given during President Obama’s acceptance of the 2017 John F. Kennedy Profiles In Courage Award, a detail¬†Krauthammer failed to mention. Krautnammer went on to say “it was nice to be reminded as a nation why he’s gone after 100 days of virtual silence.” That statement seems a bit odd considering that “why he’s gone” is because his two terms were served in...

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Why low-information voters are no longer the GOP’s best friends

For years now, so-called low-information voters have been the GOP’s base. It’s why the false claims that President Barack Obama was not a natural born United States citizen, that he’s a Muslim, and that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) included “death panels” was a successful narrative for them. Nuance is not a strong point with low-information voters. When the GOP set out to paint the ACA as government-run healthcare, people believed it. They also believed that government-run healthcare was bad. Oddly, many of those who depend on Medicaid and Medicare found the ACA objectionable, despite the fact that both...

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