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Month: April 2017

Trump: The First 100 Days

  So, we are closing in on the end of Trump’s first 100 days. While Trump has recently started tweeting about how it’s a ridiculous measure, the White House has been using that measure to tout all that he’s accomplished. For Trump’s part, he has still managed to mention that he has gotten more done in the first 100 days than any president in the history of the United States. For a “ridiculous measure,” Trump and the White House sure seem to talk about it a lot. So, what are these accomplishments of which they speak? Well, they proudly trot out...

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Trumpcare! Meet the new plan: Worse than the old plan.

So, Republicans are poised to resurrect their failed Trumpcare legislation this week, wanting very much to score a meaningful victory before Trump’s first 100 days are up. Trump, for his part, apparently was advised by someone — presumably either his daughter or son-in-law, the only people he listens to — to manage expectations by now calling the “first 100 days” standard ridiculous, notwithstanding his own repeated references to it on the campaign trail. So, let’s talk about something that’s not ridiculous. This new plan to “repeal and replace” Obamacare would cause premiums to soar for those with preexisting conditions, and...

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Is there any level too low for the Trump White House?

Earlier this week, the Trump White House welcomed Sarah Palin. I’ll reserve comment on her choice of attire for her visit to the Oval Office. Suffice to say she wore something she thought Trump would like. The White House claims that they were unaware she intended to bring friends with her. Yeah, right. We’re supposed to believe that they’ve blocked the public sidewalk in front of the White House for security reasons, yet they let invited guests waltz in accompanied by anyone they choose? Anyway, she chose two paragons of virtue to accompany her: Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. Now, I’ll...

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