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Month: March 2017

Yes, I am a snowflake

Over the last several months, the word “snowflake” has been adopted as apparently the ugliest insult right-wingers can think of to hurl at those on the left. As Dana Schwartz wrote in GQ last month, “There is not a single political point a liberal can make on the Internet for which ‘You triggered, snowflake?’ cannot be the comeback.” In the movie Fight Club, members are told they are not beautiful or unique snowflakes. These days, the word is used to insult anyone with dares to disagree with a Trump groupie. Earlier today, a woman on Instagram, who claims to be a...

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Trump-Speak: Early signs of dementia?

  Not everyone is a gifted speaker. And that doesn’t mean they are mentally impaired in any way. I’m a terrible speaker. I can write in a reasonably coherent way, but often when I speak, I feel like I’m struggling to find the right words. And I frequently worry that what I’ve said could be misinterpreted. So, I would never condemn anyone — not even Donald Trump — for not being a gifted speaker. But the truth is, the way Trump speaks is bizarre. In fact, it’s bizarre to the point that one could reasonably ask if there’s something...

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Follow-up: How do we know West Virginia coal miners don’t want to pay for PBS?

Last week, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney said of the budget cuts that will, among other things, eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, “Can we really continue to ask the coal miner in West Virginia to pay for these programs?” Later, he said of these cuts that we can’t ask the single mother of two in Detroit to pay for these things. My guess would be that Mr. Mulvaney has never had a substantive conversation with either a West Virginia coal miner or a single mother of two in Detroit. The Trump team came up with this talking point, and...

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Trump travel ban E.O. deliberately crafted to fail in courts

On March 6, the Trump administration issued a new and improved Executive Order banning travel from (now) 6 countries of the Middle East. On March 14, a Federal judge in Hawaii blocked the order, followed by a Maryland judge who did the same thing. I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not going to get into the legalities of either the Executive Order or the court rulings. But I do have a theory on what’s motivating the Trump administration in terms of the ban. You may recall that the first E.O. came just one week into the new presidency. It...

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Director of OMB: We can’t ask the coal miner to pay for after-school programs

Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management & Budget, appearing on Morning Joe today, was asked about the President’s budget which, among other things, eliminates funding for after-school programs and PBS. His response: “Can we really continue to ask the coal miner in West Virginia to pay for these programs?” Well, I, for one, am greatly heartened by this response. Apparently we are ushering in a whole new era of government-by-choice. If the coal miner in West Virginia can’t be asked for pay for after-school programs and PBS, then surely I, as a solopreneur, can’t be expected to...

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