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Month: April 2016

Flush North Carolina’s discriminatory bathroom law down the toilet

Who could have predicted that politics would require serious discussion of who uses what restroom? Or, personally speaking, a second column? Alas, it seems that yet greater clarity is needed regarding this terribly serious, faux dilemma of proper bathroom usage in North Carolina. As you likely know, the state recently passed a hastily written bill, signed by Gov. Pat McCrory (R), to preempt a Charlotte ordinance that would have allowed transgender folks to visit the facility corresponding to their gender identity. Read more. Related articles across the web Bill halting transgender ordinances clears House North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory...

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Debunking Republican Health Care Myths

“Disaster.” “Incredible economic burden.” “The biggest job-killer in this country.” Central to the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has been the claim that the Affordable Care Act has been a complete failure, and that the only way to save the country from this scourge is to replace it with something they design. It’s worth examining the big myths they are peddling about the Affordable Care Act and also their ill-conceived plans of what might replace it. Read...

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It’s on: Tensions between Trump and the GOP escalate in public fight

NEW YORK — Tensions between the Republican Party and its own front-runner erupted into a full-blown public battle as top party officials rebuked Donald Trump on Friday for alleging that the GOP primary system was “rigged” against him. The dispute, which has been simmering for days, centers on Trump’s failure to win any delegates last weekend in Colorado, which selected its 34 delegates at a party convention rather than a primary attended by voters. All went to Trump’s chief rival, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. The outcome prompted a daily stream of complaints and allegations this week from Trump,...

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Aboard the Staten Island Ferry, a snapshot of Donald Trump’s New York

There’s the construction worker who is convinced Trump will stop “pussyfooting around” when it comes to terrorism. There’s the Hungarian immigrant tow-truck driver who says Trump speaks his language. There’s the moving-company worker who believes Trump would be the first honest and courageous president in his lifetime, the diamond dealer who respects his toughness and the fashion model in awe of his glamour. Read more. Related articles across the web Model’s Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Agency...

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